Online English Speaking Class

Have you tried classes, YouTube, books etc. and still facing issues with English speaking? In today’s globalized world, effective English Speaking is essential. Elevate your personality and communication skills with LEBO Classes’ online learning platform. Whether you’re a student, professional, homemaker, or businessman, perfecting your English communication is crucial. Our qualified teachers not only enhance reading, writing, listening, and speaking but also boost confidence for fluent English. Enroll in our online English speaking Class for flexible learning, anytime and anywhere. Master the art of English Speaking with us!

Online English Speaking Course

    Embark on a journey to master English Speaking with our Online course

    If you have a passion for exploring the world, unlocking new opportunities and adventures awaits. Join our online English Speaking courses tailored for both beginners and advanced learners. We strive to cultivate a habit of fluent self-expression in English. Our comprehensive and dynamic program is designed to equip you with the essential skills, ensuring you communicate with unwavering confidence and fluency. Whether you aspire to broaden career horizons, forge new connections, or effortlessly navigate the global landscape, our program is your key to success. Let’s work together towards achieving mastery in English Speaking and open doors to a world of possibilities!

    Why is English Speaking important in recent times?

    • Growing trend: Increasing number of individuals dedicating time to learning English Speaking as a second language.
    • Early exposure: English integrated into school curricula, with children learning it at younger ages.
    • Daily necessity: English Speaking course crucial for communication throughout the day.
    • Global prominence: English, the most widely spoken and understood language globally.
    • Early education: English education often starts at the pre-primary level for easier comprehension.
    • Lingual complexity: Despite surface simplicity, delving into functional grammar poses challenges.
    • Practicality: Proficiency in English Speaking crucial due to widespread use in instructions, road signs, and various contexts.
    • Beyond linguistics: Learning English Speaking plays a pivotal role in effective communication in daily life.

    What, therefore, is the real benefit of English Speaking?

    Certainly, English Speaking offers numerous advantages and holds vast potential in today’s world. LEBO Class provides Online English Speaking Class tailored for both children and adults. These courses not only contribute to academic advancement in children but also open doors to career opportunities. Moreover, they focus on enhancing personality development in adults.

    Remarkably, LEBO Class has successfully served over 2,000 students, reaching beyond college demographics. Our courses cater not only to students but also extend support to job seekers. Specifically, we provide specialized training to facilitate easy success in job interviews. Join us to explore the benefits of English Speaking and seize opportunities for personal and professional growth.

    Why to choose our online English Speaking class?

    Because it is different.

    How do cricketers or celebrities speak English fluently with so much of confidence? It’s possible with our practice based 360° English Speaking program including following reasons.

    • Tailored Learning: Our online platform enables self-paced practice and learning English speaking.
    • Expert Guidance: Certified instructors dedicated to your success bring experience and passion.
    • Engaging Sessions: Real-time conversations, interactive exercises, and practical drills.
    • Holistic Approach: A structured curriculum covers grammar, vocabulary, idiomatic expressions, and cultural nuances.
    • Performance Monitoring: Regular assessments track progress, providing personalized feedback for improvement.
    Online English Speaking Class- LEBO Classes

    Course Details for Online English Speaking Class

    • Inclusive Learning Levels: Our courses accommodate everyone, from beginners establishing a foundation to advanced learners aspiring for fluency.
    • Conversation-Centric Approach: We prioritize English Speaking, empowering you to engage confidently in real-life dialogues.
    • Grammar Proficiency: We transform learning English grammar into an enjoyable and straightforward experience through practical exercises in the online course
    • Enriched Vocabulary: Acquire a diverse English vocabulary by studying applicable words and phrases in everyday scenarios.
    • Cultural Awareness: Grasp the cultural dynamics shaping communication, enhancing your social adaptability with this online course.
    • Over 2000 Students Trained: LEBO Class has successfully trained a large student base, with many now employed at prestigious MNCs such as Zydus and more.
    • Overcome Language Barriers: Don’t allow language limitations to hinder your progress. Enroll in our online English Speaking class and initiate a transformative journey toward mastering English communication skills.
    • Affordable and Convenient: Our English Speaking courses are cost-effective, convenient, and customized to meet your individual requirements. Start your language proficiency journey with us today.

    We will help you on any of the followings problems in English Speaking

    • Are public speaking and fluent English communication causing you nervousness or fear?
    • Have you missed out on your dream job in a corporate or MNC due to a lack of fluency in English?
    • Does your limited English proficiency hinder engaging and productive conversations with senior colleagues or peers?
    • Are you hesitant or embarrassed to enroll in a traditional classroom-based spoken English training school?
    • Do you possess the determination to acquire proficient English speaking skills but are unsure of where to begin?

    If your answer is “Yes”, please take a free demo with our corporate trainers for Online English Speaking Class.

    Allow LEBO Classes to guide you on your path to mastering English Speaking, all from the comfort and convenience of your home! Embark on this learning journey with our Online Course!

    Gain entry to our wealth of online educational materials. Enroll in our English speaking class, providing resources for personal, academic, and professional development.

    Access tools to practice and enhance your skills.

    Benefits of this English Speaking Class:

    1. Attain Fluency in English Speaking for Career Advancement
    2. Learn Simple and Practical English Speaking Techniques
    3. Engage in Concise Assignments to Polish Your English Speaking Skills
    4. Rectify Common Language Errors for Precise Speaking and Writing
    5. Overcome Pronunciation Mistakes for Confident English Communication
    6. Enhance Communication Skills to Impress Others
    7. Improve Articulation for Effective Expression in Professional Settings
    8. Strengthen Listening Skills for Better Understanding
    9. Eliminate English-speaking hesitation with a 90-minute English gym session facilitated by experts on audio/video conferencing for just Rs.4999.

    What will you achieve with our online English Speaking Class

    15 The most powerful results of online English Speaking Classes

    1. Enhanced confidence
    2. No hesitation
    3. No uses of fillers
    4. Improved fluency
    5. Matching with native English speaker
    6. Improved listening skills
    7. Better interpretation of context
    8. Boos in vocabulary
    9. Better expression of feeling & thoughts
    10. Selection of appropriate words
    11. Improved communication skills
    12. Well organized sentence delivery
    13. Excellent tone and sound clarity
    14. Control over Mother Tongue Influence
    15. Improved public speaking skills

    Curriculum Highlights for Online English Speaking Class:

    • Grammar Mastery: Enhance accuracy and proficiency in English grammar.
    • Vocabulary Enrichment: Expand your English vocabulary for effective communication.
    • Pronunciation Perfection: Correct pronunciation for clear and confident speech.
    • Collocations Exploration: Learn the appropriate pairing of words for natural expression.
    • Voice Articulation: Develop a clear and articulate voice for impactful communication.
    • Pause & Pitch Management: Learn strategic use of pauses and pitch variation for effective speech.
    • Voice, Accent & Intonation: Understand and refine your voice, accent, and intonation patterns.
    • Contractions & Sound Linking: Master the use of contractions and link sounds seamlessly for natural speech flow.
    • Fluent Communication: Achieve a smooth and fluent style of communication.
    • Comprehensive Language Skills: Focus on all aspects of language, from grammar to pronunciation, for well-rounded proficiency.

    Distinguishing Features of Offline & online English speaking Class

    Offline English Speaking Class

    • Limited Personal Attention: Group classes may lack personalized attention.
    • Not Ideal for Shy Individuals: May be uncomfortable for reserved students.
    • Daily Commute: Involves daily travel to the institute.
    • Fixed Schedule: Bound to fixed hours for classes.
    • Potential Distractions: Risk losing focus due to unnecessary doubts raised by others.

    Online English Speaking Class

    • Personalized Attention: Receive individualized guidance from the trainer.
    • Unlimited Doubt Clarification: Easily ask numerous questions for clarity.
    • Home Comfort: Learn from the comfort of your home (Stay Home & Save Lives).
    • Flexible Timing: Conveniently attend classes at any time that suits you.
    • Tailored to Your Needs: Classes are customized to address your specific requirements.

    How to join our online English speaking class just in three easy steps

    1. Call us and share your learning needs. We will assess your current level of English Speaking skills.
    2. Take a free online demo
    3. Make the payment and start your Online English Speaking class. Register into LEBO classes App.

    How to check your current level of English Speaking

    • Elementary: Don’t know English. Can try to speak but can’t convey the message in English.
    • Basic: Know English but need frequent correction. Able to convey message but often need clarification. Repeat words and frequent pauses.
    • Intermediate: Can communicate in English and convey the context but need few corrections. Speak with few pauses. Use monotonous vocabulary. Don’t use various patterns of sentences.
    • Advanced: Almost errorless English speaking, use range of vocabulary but with limited shades, can convey emotions but needs more articulation.

    What activities we do in our online English Speaking Class?

    • Debate
    • Extempore
    • Anchoring
    • Group Discussion
    • Role Play
    • Situation analysis
    • Brain Storming
    • Live video commentary
    • Presentations
    • Mimicry & Linguistics
    • Case study

    Training methodologies for online English speaking class

    • Online classes
    • Monday to Friday sessions
    • Theory + Practice classes
    • Access to training material and assessment in LEBO Classes app for 1 year.
    • 07:00 am to 11:00 PM class availability and doubt clearance support.

    Choose your Plan

    Plan 1: Group of 4 students

    Overview: One trainer, 4 learners

    Course Duration: 1 Month

    Class Pattern: 5 Days in a week (MON-FRI) 40 Mins

    Suitable for: Basic & Intermediate learners.


    • Confidences booster
    • best for English speaking practice,
    • Low cost,
    • Better practice experience


    • Non customizable, no rescheduling

    Fee: ₹4999 for 3 months of full English Speaking Course

    Plan 2: One to one session

    Overview: One trainer dedicated to one learner for personalized attention.

    Course Duration: 3 Month

    Class Pattern: 5 Days in a week (MON-FRI) 40 Mins

    Suitable for: Elementary and Advanced learners.


    • Customized Classes: Tailored to individual needs.
    • Need-Based Learning: Focused on specific learning requirements.
    • Faster Learning: Accelerated pace due to personalized attention.
    • Best for Pronunciation: Effective for mastering pronunciation.


    • Less Scope for Confidence Building.

    Fee: ₹4999 per month.

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